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For 5 years, Junior vet has delivered dozens of high-quality events and medical articles to its young veterinary community. Help us spread some holidays cheer and register today for our 1st Junior vet Advent Calendar! 

From the 1st to the 24th of Dec, we will host a total of 24 secret online cases on ZOOM platform (live/recorded, less than 1h of your time/day, some recordings available until end of the year).  NOTE: not all lectures are recorded!!! Please join the daily case in order to avoid later disappointment!

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Thank you for sharing such great information with us, we are very grateful for this first Junior vet Advent Calendar (2020)! 24 secret cases + 1 Christmas gift:

1. Osteochondrodysplasia in a 6-month-old British Shorthair Scottish Fold mix cat, speaker Dr. Ciprian Ober, Residency trained ECVS, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
2. A donkey Christmas tail, speaker Dr. Alex Thiemann /The Donkey Sanctuary.
3. Primary chondrosarcoma in the skull of a dog: clinical and pathological features -speaker Dr. Romelia Pop, PhD student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca.
4. A glimpse into raptor rehabilitation: parasites. Clinical case of a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), speaker Dr. Oana Vasiliu, PhD student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest.
5. Badger is special, speaker Dr. Tom Linsel, Essex Wildlife Hospital, UK.
6. Donald Jump -approach to the rabbit with a broken leg, speaker Dr. Lewis Wescott, UK.
7. 1.Alopecia in a young dog; 2.Severe lesion of the nose of a cat, speaker Dr. Dominique Heripret, Dip.ECVD.
8. Bloody vaginal discharge in bitch –something normal? speaker Dr. Tiberiu Constantin, As.univ. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Res. ECAR.
9. Occult forelimb lameness in a dog, speaker Dr. Adeline Decambron, Dip.ECVS, ENVA, France.
10. Toxoplasmosis in passerine birds, speaker Dr. Helder Craveiro, Portugal.
11. Ureterolithiasis in 3 cats with a postoperative enteric fistula, speaker Dr. Claire Deroy, Dip.ECVS.
12. Adenocarcinoma of the third eyelid gland in a dog, speaker Dr. Cristina Taulescu, Ophthalmology intern at Visionvet Eye Clinic, Bologna, Italy.
13. A Christmas anaesthesia present: the liver surprise, Dr. Manuela Pascal, ECVAA residency trained, Southfields Veterinary Specialists, UK.
14. Acute Polyradiculoneuritis in a labrador, speaker Dr. Maria Oliveira, Dip.ECVN, Portugal.
15. Anaesthesia for a dental patient: an old dog for full-mouth extractions, speaker Dr. Peter Kronen, Dip.ECVAA, VAS.
16. 3D Printing and Advancing Imaging in OMFS, speaker Dr. Alexander Geddes, Senior resident in Veterinary Dentistry&Oral Surgery, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin.
17. Did you brushed your dog’s teeth today? speaker Dr. Cedric Tutt, Dip.ECVD, Cape Animal Dentistry, Cape Town.
18. Canine Unicompartmental elbow replacement, a cutting-edge surgery for the treatment of elbow dysplasia in dogs -speaker Dr. Alexandre Caron, Dip.ECVS, TRIOVet, Bretagne, France.
19. Exotic puzzles – speaker Dr. Melinda de Mul, Central Vet Clinic, Sofia.
20. Pododermatitis in an African spurred tortoise, speaker Dr. Irindi Çitaku, Centro Veterinario Mexico, CEO and Founder of Albania Veterinary Association of Wild and Exotic Animals (AVAWEA).
21. Spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defect in a boxer-cross dog, speaker Dr. Màrian Matas Riera, DipECVO, Memvet, Palma, Illes Balears.
22. Paradoxical vestibular syndrome in a dog -when everything is upside down, speaker Dr. Guillame Dutil, ECVN resident, Head of neurology Atlantia, Nantes.
23. Case studies -speaker Dr. Stijn Niessen, Honorary Prof. RVC, Co-Director Veterinary Mentorship Academy, UK.
24. Albert, the horse inside a well -a case study, speaker Dr. Rebecca Gimenez Husted, President TLAER, USA.
+ Christmas present: 
Equine wound elective -The process and the principles (part 1, 2), speaker Dr. Patrick Pollock, Dip.ECVS, Head of Equine Surgery, University of Edinburgh, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.