Junior Vet Media Group is proud to announce that it has designed a fantastic opportunity for its dynamic Junior vet community. This is an incredibly chance for all the Junior vets out there to share their amazing work and step forward.

The Junior vet Award represents a professional distinction given to a veterinarian and it will be awarded for the 1st time during the International Junior vet Congress (19-21 OCT 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

We are looking for a forward-thinking, self-motivated and enthusiastic veterinarian. Characteristics of the ideal Junior vet candidate:

  • has a diploma in Veterinary Medicine
  • is at the time in the entry level of work experience (first 3 years of veterinary career)
  • has a solid background of volunteering
  • has been enrolled in at least 1 Veterinary Internship and/or 1 Veterinary Externship (national)
  • has been enrolled in at least 1 Veterinary Internship and/or 1 Veterinary Externship (abroad)
  • has published a minimum of 3 medical articles in a Veterinary journal/magazine
  • has lectured at least once at a veterinary congress/symposium/seminar
  • a Poster presentation and/or a Call for papers section in your work background is a plus
  • is a strong advocate of animal rights and inspires human kindness when crisis strike
  • has the initiative to change the future of Veterinary Medicine

If you are motivated to accept the Junior vet Award challenge, please send us an email at office@veterinaryjournalist.ro including your CV and all of the above with solid proof, plus your latest piece of work that you will lecture at the International Junior vet Congress (15 min presentation). Please do not forget about the letter of intention, in which you are telling us how a Junior vet can change the world (no longer than a page)!

It is very important to add a reference person to every stage of your work background, so we can verify every aspect of it. You can enroll in the Junior vet Award challenge from 1.02-1.08.2018.

If the Junior vet Award goes to you, we would be happy to give you The Junior vet Award, meaning:

a Junior vet statuette, a Junior vet diploma and 350 Euro in cash. 


Good luck!