Dear Junior vet friends,

We are delighted to meet you in Bucharest, on the 26-27th of Oct 2019, at our Junior vet Exotics ECC Seminar!We have prepared for you two super cool days with a First aid in Wildlife and Exotics animals Workshop, a diverse range of ECC Exotic lectures and a challenging and fun open session day! A bonus masterclass is included in the seminar fee!

Also, we invite you to attend an open session day of clinical cases. Whether you are a vet student or a veterinarian, please consider submitting an abstract paper (clinical case or poster). We believe it is important and beneficial for our Junior vet community to share from our professional background.

*All registered participants for the seminar will attend open session day!


Junior vet Exotics ECC Seminar
26-27.10.2019, Bucharest, Romania

26.10.2019 Saturday, Day 1.
*with Dr.Mikel Sabater-Gonzalez, Dip.ECZM (Avian)

I. Practical lab (3h)
First aid procedures in Exotic and Wildlife species (3h)

Description: Venipunction, fluid therapy (IV, IO, SC), air sac cannulation, forced feeding, esophagostomy/ingluviostomy, tracheal intubation, air sac intubation, fracture stabilisation with external coaptation, celiocentesis.

No matter the year of study, veterinary students are welcomed to attend this workshop.

Workshop Fee: 150Eur
*Registration is open from 21.06-15.09.2019 or until places are fully booked.

**The workshop is independent from the seminar, so only registered participants for workshop can join.

II. Masterclass: Interactive clinical cases in exotic animals and wildlife emergencies (2h)

III. Monographic: Emergencies in Exotic and Wildlife species

a.) Small mammals emergencies (1h)
b.) Avian emergencies (1h)
c.) Reptile emergencies (1h)
d.) Amphibian emergencies (30min)
e.) Fish and Invertebrate emergencies (30min)
f.) Q&A Session

* Students Night out (at your own expense)

27.10.2019 Sunday, Day 2.
Open session day: Miscellaneous clinical and research lectures

*Whether you are a vet student or a veterinarian, you can send your abstract paper/poster proposal at between 21.06-15.09.2019

Seminar (Masterclass + Open session day included) Early bird Fee (up to 31.07.2019): -50Eur for veterinary students/70Eur for veterinarians

Seminar (Masterclass + Open Session day) Late bird Fee (1.08-15.09.2019): -100Eur for veterinary students and veterinarians

!!! 50Eur/student for a minimum of 10 students group; offer valid until the 15th of Sept or until the places are fully booked.

!!! If you are not a Junior vet member, you have to pay for Junior vet membership (50RON or the equivalent -11 Eur).

Payment details:

For Junior vet Membership and Exotics Seminar fees, please use this info:
CIF 35581704
RO07BTRLRONCRT0336425601 (RON)
RO54BTRLEURCRT0336425601 (EUR)

For Junior vet First aid Wildlife and Exotics Workshop fee, please use this info:
CIF 36908414
RO66BTRLRONCRT0376315401 (RON)
RO16BTRLEURCRT0376315401 (EUR)

Please contact us at before the payment to provide us your full name, status (vet or vet student), location, invoice address and meal preferences (meat/vegetarian/vegan). Thank you!

Please stay tuned for the official schedule that will be up in no time!

Take a look back at our exotics events:
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TEZWIC –Transylvania Exotics, ZOO and Wildlife International Congress (2018)
Speakers: *Dr.Norin Chai (Ménagerie, le zoo du Jardin des Plantes, Paris)-Dip.ECZM *Dr.Minh Huynh (École nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort) –Dip.ECZM *Dr.Isabelle Desprez (École nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort) –Res.ECZM *Dr.Frederic Gandar (Université de Liège –Res.ECZM) *Dr.Lionel Schilliger –Dip.ECZM, Dip.ABVP (Clinique Vétérinaire du Village d’Auteuil – Accueil) *Dr.Marty Chu (Jurrasic Animal Hospital, Taiwan) *Dr.Vladimir Jekl (Jekl & Hauptman Veterinary Clinic, Brno) –Dip.ECZM *Dr.Morena Wernick (Exoticvet Veterinary Clinic, Zürich) –Dip.ECZM *Dr.Mikel Sabater Gonzalez –Dip.ECZM *Dr.Manuel Garcia Harmann (MarLab Mougins) *Dr.Melanie Oesterwind (Marineland Antibes) *Dr.Daniele Petrini (Cascina Veterinary Clinic, Pisa) *Dr. Gianluca Deli *Dr.David Scott (Carolina Raptor Center) *Dr.Natalia Strokowska (Vetnolimits, Poland) *Dr.Endre Sos (Budapest ZOO) –Dip.ECZM *Dr.Viktoria Koroknai-Sos (Budapest ZOO) *Dr.Shane Simpson (The Reptile Vet, Karingal Veterinary Hospital Australia) *Dr.Helder Craveiro (Hospital Veterinário Baixo Vouga, Águeda) *Dr.Ovidiu Roşu (Four Paws International) *Dr.Ama Groza (Orwell Veterinary Group) *Dr.Mihai Măcinic (Falcon Vet, Bucharest *Dr. Mark Alexander Eichelmann (TiHo, Hannover).