Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, health risks and restrictions from authorities, we have come to the decision that holding in April this event would be unwise, therefore we are cancelling the Junior vet Exotics Seminar and Workshop. 

At the moment we are discussing options of a future postpone date and exploring different ways to deliver high quality educational content to you. We will also start working on refunding your registrations but this will take some time, as everything is done manually.

We will get back to you with our proposals as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Junior vet




Junior vet Exotics Seminar
25-26th of April 2020
Bucharest, Romania

This Junior vet Exotics event brings together two wonderful educational opportunities for vet students and young vets: a Spay/Neuter in Small mammals Workshop and a two day exotics seminar!

25.04.2020 (early morning -program will be posted)
Spay/Neuter in Small mammals Workshop
with Dr. Joanna HEDLEY
(DipECZM (Herpetology) MRCVS
Head of RVC Exotics Service
Senior Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital
Royal Veterinary College

Workshop description:

” Neutering procedures are some of the most common surgeries performed in general practice on small mammals. There are many advantages to neutering including the prevention of reproductive pathology, as well as to prevent breeding and allow animals to be kept in appropriate social groups without fighting or other behavioural issues. Although surgical techniques are similar to those used in cats and dogs, there are certain species-specific differences which need to be considered to ensure that surgery is smooth and enjoyable for all.

This practical will cover the basic techniques required for neutering small mammals and allow participants to practice these surgical procedures on a variety of small mammal species. Different techniques will include prescrotal, scrotal and abdominal castration and both flank and midline ovariohysterectomies.”

Workshop fee: 300eur
Registration is open: contact@juniorvet.ro
Workshop Payment details:

Beneficiary name:
Fiscal info: CIF 36908414
Account in RON: RO66BTRLRONCRT0376315401
Account in EURO: RO16BTRLEURCRT0376315401

Junior vet Exotics Seminar starts on the 25th of April 2020, right after workshop and ends on the 26th, early afternoon.

Junior vet Exotics Seminar includes:
-lectures from Dr.Joanna Hedley:

– Approach to the exotic pet consult
– Stabilisation and diagnostics for the small mammal patient
– Interactive session on common small mammal conditions
– Approach to the avian patient
– Interactive session on common avian conditions
– Approach to the reptile patient
– Interactive session on common reptile conditions

-call for papers section (vet students are welcomed to send abstracts)
-poster presentation
-lunch/coffee/tea breaks
-call for papers section (vet students are welcomed to send abstracts)
-poster presentation
-lunch/coffee/tea breaks

Registration for seminar is open: 1.11.2019-31.03.2020
Seminar fees:
– Early bird Fee (up to 31.12.2019): -50Eur for veterinary students/70Eur for veterinarians
– Late bird fee (after 31.12.2019) -100Eur for veterinary students and veterinarians

*50eur/student for a minimum of 5 or 10 students group -as long as the registration is open.
*10% discount/student who attended our previous exotic seminar
*15% discount/student if you bring 2 friends with you at the seminar.
!Discounts do not accumulate!

*If you are not a Junior vet member, you have to pay for Junior vet membership (50RON or the equivalent – 11Eur).
**If you are a Junior vet member, make sure your membership is valid (1 year availability).

For Junior vet Membership and Exotics Seminar fee, please use this info:

Beneficiary name:
Fiscal info:
CIF 35581704
Account in RON: RO07BTRLRONCRT0336425601
Account in EURO:RO54BTRLEURCRT0336425601

Please contact us at contact@juniorvet.ro before the payment to provide us your full name, status (vet or vet student), location, invoice address and meal preferences (meat/vegetarian/vegan). Thank you!

For any questions please write us an email at contact@juniorvet.ro

Social events:
24.04.2020 Late Dinner (at your own expense)
25.04.2020: Students Night out (at your own expense)