International Junior vet Congress “How to save a life”, 4th ed, 21-13rd of Oct 2022, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Calea Mănăștur 3-5, Romania.

Special guests:

DVM Mălina Filipaș -MSc AFHEA MRCVS Resident of ECVAA, Queen’s Veterinary Animal Hospital, University of Cambridge / DVM Akash Alexander -AFHEA MRCVS Resident of ECVS, Queen’s Veterinary Animal Hospital, University of Cambridge / DVM Rose Tallon-Dip.ACVIM (LA), Donnington Grove Veterinary Group / DVM Lucia Bel -PhD, Lecturer FMV Cluj-Napoca, Res.ECZM /DVM Ovidiu Roșu, PhD, ARCA, Fundația Visul Luanei / DVM Alexandra Mureșan -PhD, Lecturer FMV Cluj-Napoca/ DVM Cristina Taulescu, PhD, Oftalvet.


Fri 21st of Oct 2022


9-12.00 Workshop 1: Chest drain placement & Wound management (Akash Alexander, DVM, Resident of ECVS)

9-12.00 Workshop 2: First aid in foals (Rose Tallon, DVM, Dip.ACVIM -LA)

Congress Day 1:

13.30-14.00 Coffee and Registration

14.00-14.45 Anatomy, surgery and aftercare of BOAS patients (Akash Alexander)

14.50-15.35 Presentation, stabilisation and recovery of BOAS patients (Mălina Filipaș)

15.40-16.25 Emergencies in Foals (Rose Tallon)

16.25-17.00 Coffee/Brunch

17.00-17.45 Considerations for pediatric anaesthesia (Mălina Filipaș)

17.50-18.35 Exotics (NAC) – Is this an emergency? (Lucia Bel)

18.40-19.25 Management of pain in horses (Rose Tallon)

19.25-20.00 Q&A Session with speakers of the day (*Students ask)


Sat 22nd of Oct 2022


9-12.00 Workshop 3: Simulation based Canine and Feline CPR training & Catheterisation (Mălina Filipaș, Resident of ECVAA)

9-12.00 Workshop 4: First aid in Exotics & Wildlife (Lucia Bel, Res.ECZM & NAC team)


12.45 First aid demonstration (RO) -Academia de Prim ajutor


Congress Day 2:

13.30-14.00 Coffee and Registration

14.00-14.45 The Dreaded “Big, Fat pyometra” (Akash Alexander)

14.50-15.35 Emergencies in Adult Horses (Rose Tallon)

15.40-16.20 Anaesthesia for emergency tracheostomy / Emergency tracheostomy (joined lecture Mălina Filipaș & Akash Alexander)

16.25-17.00 Coffee/Brunch

17.00-17.45 Recognizing and managing emergencies in donkeys (Alexandra Mureșan)

17.50-18.35 How much is too much? – the ethical concerns of human assisted living in medically compromised animals (Ovidiu Roșu)

18.40- 19.25 Mental health -How to perform a self-assessment (Grația Bolat, Junior vet)

19.25-20.00 Q&A Session with speakers of the day (*Students ask)

End of congress-

__20.00-21.00 Local wine tasting Reception__

Sun 23rd of Oct 2022

9-15.00 Workshop 5: LAER (Large animal rescue) – Ovidiu Roșu, DVM, PhD.

9-12.00 Workshop 6: Ophthalmological emergencies -basic surgical skills – Cristina Taulescu, DVM, PhD.


-End of workshops-

We would like to thank the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca for its continuous support and announce that all vet students who will join workshops and congress on Fri the 21st of Oct, will be excused from classes. *A special doc from us will be issued to every attending student in need.

*Venues will soon be announced

Register in time to avoid disappointment: