Due to the actual pandemic context, the financial aspect is crucial for every one of us. Our main goal is to see our Junior vet community strong and united, striving for a better future. We have prepared for you super lectures from super vets, a super amazing online program, all at an accessible registration fee, whether you are a vet student or vet. Register today so you can avoid later disappointment!

Registration fees for International Online Junior vet Congress:

1.08-31.08.2020 Early bird (full congress)

  • 35Eur for vet students, PhD students, fresh graduates (2020 class)
  • 45Eur for vets

1.09-11.10.2020 Late bird (full congress) / 14.10.2020 midnight registration deadline

  • 45Eur for vet students, PhD students fresh graduates (2020 class)
  • 55Eur for vets

!Please book and confirm your registration by latest 14th of October, midnight!



1. If you are not a vet/vet student but you are involved in a large animal rescue team, you can attend the Junior vet Animal Rescue Stream at a special fee of 50EUR. Please mention at registration your status (e.g.: firefighter/technician/etc), organisation and option TLAER and BARTA stream). !!!


2. If you want to master the ER room and be a pro in Emergency and Critical Care, you can access the individual Junior vet ONLINE ECC Stream (Dr.Helen KIRKPATRICK and Dr.Daniel IVAN; 7 lectures, over 6h of CE) at a September special fee of 25Eur.

3. If Anesthesia is your thing, you want to know how to develop a successful anesthesia and analgesia plan and you are ready to put it into good practice, you can access the individual ONLINE Junior vet Anesthesia and Analgesia stream ( Dr. Manuela PASCAL) at a September special fee of 25Eur.

4. If you are passionate about Equine medicine and you dream of working someday as an equine practitioner, you can access the individual ONLINE Junior vet Equine stream ( Dr. Rose TALLON) at a September special fee of 25Eur.


* If you are a vet student or a junior vet in a difficult financial place, we would like to write us an email at contact@juniorvet.ro so we can help you with a free full pass congress. Please  use this option ONLY if you really need this educational grant.


For payment, please use the following info:

Beneficiary name:
Fiscal info:
CIF 35581704
Account in RON: RO07BTRLRONCRT0336425601
Account in EURO:RO54BTRLEURCRT0336425601

Please contact us at contact@juniorvet.ro before/after the payment to provide us your full name, status (vet or vet student/year, faculty), location and invoice address.

Thank you!

or you can choose to pay into our association account

Beneficiary name:


Fiscal info:

CIF 36908414

Account in RON: RO66BTRLRONCRT0376315401 (RON)

Account in EUR: RO16BTRLEURCRT0376315401 (EUR)


To book or not to book? Take a look again at our super cool online Junior vet streams: https://juniorvet.ro/streams/