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– Junior vet Anesthesia and Analgesia stream –
with Dr. Manuela Pascal -DVM, PhD, ECVAA residency trained, Southfields Veterinary Specialists, UK.

1. Analgesia beyond opioids – dream or reality?
2. Standing sedation for horses
3. Clinical cases

– Junior vet Equine stream –
with Dr.Rose Tallon –Res.ECEIM, Royal Veterinary College, UK.

1. Emergencies – Keep calm and carry on!
2. When things go wrong: Iatrogenic emergencies
3. Foal CPR and first aid

– Junior vet Large animal stream –
with Dr.Dragoş Bîrţoiu, PhDc, Cow vet practitioner.

1. Downer cow syndrome

– Junior vet Animal rescue stream –
A.) with Dr. Nicky Housby Skeggs, BVetMed MRCS, Chairperson and Veterinary Advisor, BARTA CIC, UK; Jim Green -Director, BARTA (British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association).

1. BARTA Veterinary Awareness Training

B.) with Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted, President TLAER (Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue), Educator, Facilitator.

1. Attendance to DOWN or RECUMBENT Equines -this lecture introduces a myriad of simple ideas and manipulations that can be done to stabilize the recumbent or debilitated down patient physically and in a safe manner for the responding personnel.

2. Technical Large Animal Rescue Case Review -review of photo evidence of cases -what was done correctly (patient perspective, human safety perspective, welfare perspective), some of the common issues to resolve, how it could have been done better and relevant equipment that is better utilized for these situations.

– Junior vet ECC stream –
A. with Dr.Helen Kirkpatrick -BVet Med, CertAVP (ECC) MRCVS, CVS – Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists, UK.

1. Resuscitation: How to save a life
2. Toxicities -when early intervention is life-saving
3. Cardiogenic shock -what to do and why
4. Surviving sepsis
5. Fluid resuscitation
6. Transfusion products. What? When? How much?

B.) with Dr.Daniel Ivan -DVM, Residency trained ECVDI, AniCura AOI Center AG, Switzerland.

1.Quick interpretation of emergency thoracic radiographs

– Junior vet Ophthalmology stream –
with Dr.Andra Enache, ECVO residency trained, MVetMed candidate, North Downs Specialist Referrals, UK.

1. Ophthalmic examination in 3 min
2. Ocular emergencies

– Junior vet Social Medicine stream –

1. StreetVet: Bringing the clinic onto the streets
with Dr.Gabriel Galea, BSc (Hons), BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, FHEA; Organisation: StreetVet (also University College London and Royal Veterinary College).

– Junior vet Wildlife/Conservation stream –

A.) with Dr.Neil A Forbes -BVetMed DipECZM (Avian) FRCVS, RCVS Recognised Specialist Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (Avian), Vulture Alliance.

1. Vultures in crisis and ‘The application of Veterinary Science to Vulture Rehabilitation’

B.) with Matthew Rendle -RVN, Wildlife Vets International.

1. What does good veterinary conservation look like

C.) with Nora Lifshitz – founder of The Israeli Bat Sanctuary and Dr. Tali Stein


1. Treating Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus); the lecture will cover aspects like treatment of abscesses, alternative treatments options, flight and the slow release process.

– Junior vet First aid (People) –
with Dr. Lucia Ghirca -MD, resident in neonatology (Neonatal Intensive Care), SCJU -Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență Cluj-Napoca), Instructor Academia de Prim Ajutor.

Learn life skills with our emergency instructor Dr. Lucia Ghirca: easy, practical and fast.

1. First Aid Basics – Feeling helpless in an emergency situation is not uncommon. Everyone wants to help but it’s not enough.

– Junior vet Mental Health stream –
with Graţia-Maria Bolat, Head of Creative and Founder of Junior vet, Mental Health First Aider, Mental Health Facilitator.

1. Suicide First Aid guidelines -Find out how to perform a suicide intervention and keep someone safe.

*Special Lecture from Eville & Jones:
Claire White – BVSc MSc MRCVS PgC State Veterinary Medicine
1. The role of a Veterinarian in One Health


Stay safe, stay smart!

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